Saturday, June 26, 2010


The weekend fun continued today....

I had told Dan about Geochaching a few weeks ago and today we took a couple minutes to figure out how it works.'s fun! Using the GPS on our phones we enter coordinates for various locations and then we go to them and have to find Geocaches. They come in all sorts of containers and are hidden in all sorts of locations, but when you find it, you sign your Geocache name and sometimes add a small trinket to the box (if it's big enough) and then move on to find another one somewhere else.
Today, we did this for the first time and it was a lot of fun, the kids loved it! It's free and it's fun -- that works for this family! :) We found one in a railing in a bridge, one hidden in a fake rock by a waterfall, another hidden handing in a tree, one more in a tree stump and then the last one of the day was in a tube in the ground. It's a great game of Hide and Seek or Treasure Hunting and yet, it's free!
We found some not far from our neighborhood, but then later we took a family surrey bike ride in Lindenwood while we were Geocaching around there. It was great!

At the end of the night we put our hands in the middle and said, "Treasure Hunting" and when we were done, Alayna reminded us that our greatest Treasure is Jesus. She's so right! She loves the song, "Treasure" by Desperation Band.

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