Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Holder's Happenings!

I realize that it has been quite a while since I have posted anything, so I'm just going to hit some highlights. School has been out for a few weeks now and so we have the 'no schedule - summer schedule'. I can't complain because it means more time with Dan home and I LOVE that! We have enjoyed some summer activities for the kids which has kept us busy as well as just being outside (when it's not raining...although we venture out in the rain too b/c we just like to be outside).
Here are some of the 'Happenings' since my last post:
- Dan isn't teaching summer school this year, so that has made our 'no schedule - summer schedule' even more out of whack this year....but it's been good!
- Josiah enjoyed a week of basketball camp where he went for 3 hours each day. He had a blast...he may not me an MBA player, but I'm glad he's having a lot of fun.
- We went and visited the "Amazin' Farm" with some of Dan's family and had a great time.
- We got some house projects done that have been on our list for a bit too long....we got a roof on our swing set (it still needs to be stained though..we can only do so much!!) We also were 'gifted' with paneling for our basement walls from my sisters house b/c they didn't want it anymore and we have GREATLY appreciated it in our basement!! No more falling down insulation!
- We've had a couple trips to the zoo and Seth seems to NEVER bore of seeing the animals though we have a super small zoo.
- Josiah and Alayna have LOVED swimming lessons and we'll find out how they did on Friday.
- Josiah is in Rookies baseball this summer...when it's not raining.
- Alayna has wanted to be in gymnastics for a REALLY long time and this summer she's finally having the opportunity and she is enjoying every minute of it. It's been fun to watch her excitement each time she realizes she gets to go. :)
- We have not forgotten dear Seth...he has had a great time to bond with Dan as I've taken the older ones to activites and it's pretty fun to see that though he's still a mommy's boy, he has definitely come to realize how SUPER fun his dad is! He's my first and only mommy's 'kid' and that might change quickly as he spends more and more one on one time with his daddy.
- Mr. Seth has also learned a new skill...in just a couple tries he has mastered riding Josiah's old 16" bike with training wheels. He hops on and rides at lightening speeds!!!!! There is no walking next to him...it's a FULL OUT run! He doesn't do ANYTHING 1/2 way! :)
Well, that's a quick recap...now you're semi-up to speed with the Holder's Happenings!

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