Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Best Friend

The kids had their final time with grandparents for the summer...they went to my mom's for an extended weekend. They had a blast with grandma, grandpa and 3 of their cousins!

While they were gone...Dan and I had a blast too!! The best part....we didn't really have anything planned! We just enjoyed spending time together, talking about anything and everything anytime we wanted...no interruptions! :) We went for a 18 mile bike ride together which was a workout (my bum was feeling bruised for a few days...I think I need a better seat!), but we had a ton of fun! It was a great reminder that I truly am married to my best friend. I'm never bored when we are together and I can't imagine having as much fun with anyone else. Though I was ACHING to have our kids back...I appreciate our parents and their love for our kids and their willingness to invest time into their grand kids which in-turn also invests time for us in our marriage. Thanks!

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