Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What Would You Do?

Last weekend I took Josiah and Alayna clothes shopping. They each picked a few things and we had a lot of fun together! Neither of them are overly picky about what they wear, so that definitely helps the situation. :) However, while we were at Kohl's I heard a mom YELLING and I mean YELLING at her kids...(she could be heard across the aisle in the adjoining section) She was hollering empty threats that she never followed through first thought (I'm sad to say) was judgment about her being a mean mom. Later, as we were still in the same section and she continued yelling, I started to feel bad and decided to pray for that mom and her kids, I don't know what was going on in her life and I hated that I had judged her. At the same time, I hated what she was doing to her kids. If you're willing to yell THAT loud in public, what do you do at home in private?? Anyway, on the way home I kept thinking....what SHOULD I have done in that situation?? Approached her and asked her if I could help? Continue praying? I don't know.... It reminded me of the show they used to do on 60 Minutes (or some show like that) "What Would You Do?" -- they create situations and see how people respond. Anyway, days later it stills bugs me and I still find myself praying for that mom and her kids....

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Shannon Joy said...

Michelle-that sounds like a terrible situation to be in. I know exactly how you feel about being judgemental about that mom. I've seen it too around town and want to just go up and chew the mom out.'re right, what could be going on in her life to have her acting that way? And how must have her mother treated her?
I know I am no saint and at times I feel like all I have been doing is scolding all day. None of us are perfect. But...then there are the kids who are being treated that way. What do we do for them? Like you said. Praying definately won't hurt. I probably wouldn't dare get involved. Unless she was saying abusive things. Then I might tell her I am a mandated reporter and her behavior is unacceptable. But then again....that's easy to type and less easy to do. I have watched that show a few times too and it really intrigues me. Very interesting question you pose. Praying though. That's the right move. :)