Sunday, August 1, 2010

Vacation Day 1

We took a mini vacation this past weekend. We left town Thursday night and stayed in St. Cloud with family. Friday morning we woke up and picked up Alayna and dropped off our nephew (we had our nephew and Alayna was with a few of our nieces...boy house and girl house). Then we were off to the Como Zoo and Como Town. We purchased rides right away so that we could enjoy rides, enjoy the zoo and then enjoy some more rides. Apparently I didn't take pictures during the zoo part so you have to just believe me that we did that as well (you don't need to see just the animals and it's hard to get good pics with the kids and animals in the background).

The kids (and parents) had a GREAT time! Seth is tall enough for a lot of the rides and he loved that! We were trying to figure out how we would entertain him while he watched the older 2 go on rides, but that wasn't an issue because he went on most of them too. Josiah was now old enough for ALL the rides and he loved being able to go on the older kid/adult rides.

We were there for about 7 hours! We had so much fun taking our time and enjoying everything. The kids went on the rides multiple times and had a great time just enjoying the day. As we were driving back to St. Cloud Dan and I talked about how much fun it was and how shocked we were that it went so well. We talked to the kids before hand about being patient and having good attitudes...if they didn't, we were going to leave. They had great attitudes and we all have a great time!!

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