Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Another First

Last night after showers we watched Little House on the Prairie while the kids had an evening snack of an apple or some strawberries. Miss. Alayna opted for an apple. She had a semi-loose tooth and after eating most of her apple she noted that it hurt a bit to continue eating and then felt her tooth and it was SUPER wiggly. After the show and messing with it constantly, the kids went to brush their teeth. After brushing I went upstairs to find Josiah trying to pull Alayna's tooth out for her because she couldn't get it....after a few minutes of brotherly assistance (maybe he will be a dentist when he gets older) out came the tooth! She was so excited to have lost her first tooth she put it in a baggie to bring to school (I'm sure her teacher will be thrilled!).

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