Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Day at the 'Farm'

If you weren't in the Fargo area Friday and Saturday you may not realize that it was BEYOND cold and soooo windy that the thought crossed my mind that I should tie weights onto my kids so they didn't blow away walking to and from the car. That being said, a certain adorable 3 year old who happens to should I say it...OBSESSED...with horses and dogs didn't care one tiny bit that it was miserable outside and he spent nearly the entire day (except when his mean parents told him to come in to eat and to warm up a couple times) outside chasing and playing fetch with his grandpas dogs Maggie and Jack.

As a mom, I admit to feeling slightly guilty that we don't have a dog. Seth has met every dog that walks past our house or if we walk past a house with a dog, he always asks the owners if he can meet/pet their dog. Am I a mean mom???? In my defense, I DID just get done with a nearly 9 year span of changing diapers and the idea of picking up an animals poo when there is no possibility that they will eventually be cleaning up after themselves seems somewhat horrendous. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!! (but I do still feel guilty that we don't have a dog)
They enjoyed a little popcorn action along with Kinect boxing
(what a workout...I think my arms are still sore!)

If you look closely (or click on the picture so it enlarges) you will see 2 boys (2 handsome boys that happen to be our children), a grandpa, and a dog. They saw 'critters' and they went to see what was out there. And for fun, grandpa brought his 22 out there for Josiah to practice a little...from what I hear, that boy has really good aim. He's already excited for the next hunting opportunity! Not sure how I feel about it though...thankfully his dad, grandpa and uncle are SUPER careful when it comes to hunting. I'm still a paranoid mom though! :)

**I know my pics have all been a bit random looking lately...I'm trying new apps on my phone to see what style of picture taking I like the best. :)

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Liz B said...

Having a dog myself, I can see where you're coming from about the cleaning up poo. BUT, one of the major reasons we got our dog when we did was because I did resent my mother for never letting me have one since we moved to Fargo.

I honestly don't think you're a mean mom, but I do think having a dog as a kid is fantastic.

If you're worried about potty training, get one that is older and trained....and I'd make the kids do the work ;-)

Miss ya!