Monday, May 23, 2011

Happy 9th Birthday Josiah!!

Last year I wrote out the birth story of Josiah, you can read it again here. It's hard to believe that my first born is 9 already!! I'm so thankful that 9 years ago I was given the title of "Mom". Over the last year one thing I've really noticed in Josiah is that he looks (and acts) more like his dad every day. I love that! I love that even though he's getting older, he's still not too old to enjoy a hug and kiss, cuddling and of course Josiah sandwiches....I hope he NEVER grows out of that because I'm certain we will never stop. :)

Josiah Daniel, I love you very much and I'm so proud of the young man God is making you to be. I pray that you will continue growing in your relationship with Him.

Here is the prayer your dad and I wrote for you a while back and have prayed over you many times...Heavenly Father, thank You for Josiah. Thank you for blessing him and putting him in this family. Please help him to continue growing in relationship with you. Thank you for giving him a compassionate heart. Help him to find a godly wife in Your time. Protect him tonight as he sleeps and tomorrow as he goes through his day. Keep him from the enemy and be with him through the difficulties of this life. Use his passion for your laws for your glory. Thank for the gift that he is to us. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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zenro avilla said...

Happy Birhday Josiah...
when I was reading your blog..
I was thinking of my parents also..
maybe they realized that TIME is very fast beacuse their 9 children are growing old already..
before we are complete everyday in our home but now since 5 are already at school and working..only 4 are left with our youngest 4 yr old...i miss being at home...that's why when I'm at home I make most of the time to enjoy their company...