Monday, March 26, 2012

Design on a Dime

There's a show with this title and they have less than $2000 to re-do a room.  Well, $2000 to re-do a room would be a lot of money if you ask me.  I've wanted to re-do our bedroom for a while and as I've found good deals I've slowly been accomplishing this goal.  Maybe someday I'll show you the finished product (I really like it, but 1. it's not totally done yet and 2. I don't think it will win any awards or anything, so don't hold your breath waiting!!).  

Anyway, we have a HUGE empty wall in our bedroom and trying to find an inexpensive solution to fill the space has not been easy.  I had a Save Coin deal for printing pictures and I found clearance frames, but even still it would have seemed VERY plain and blank.  I was going to buy wood trim and I thought about using fabric for one the end that was still more than I wanted to spend.  I ended up using Frog Tape (pretty cool stuff!) and a $3 container of paint (a new size at the hardware store) and created this...

It may not be the coolest thing you've ever seen (or maybe it is...feel free to lie to me!) :), but it was around $25 for everything and that my friends was in my budget!  A walk down memory lane for Dan and I every time we walk up.  I love it! 


Tengesdal 4 said...

It IS the coolest thing I have ever seen.... makes me wish that I could paint my walls!

Life of Art said...

wow!! you are so creative!! you did it alone. Owh man! I wonder I can do that in my room, but my wall is from brick in tropic area. its make my painting horrible on that wall because its to moist, but I still loving my old house hehehe