Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Look Back...

A lot has happened in the last couple weeks and I'm sure even as I type this I will miss a few things, but here goes nothing!

We had Parent Teacher Conferences for Josiah and Alayna.  We have always looked forward to conferences and this time was no different.  Both kids are doing amazingly well and are far ahead of where they need to be and they are both great examples and leaders in their class.  Alayna's teacher said that when there's a sub she always notes on her sheet that if she has any questions or needs help with anything she should as Alayna.  How cute!  They both love school and are excelling, though we are proud of their academic achievements, we are even more proud of the example they are for their classmates!

That same week Dan needed to go to Grand Forks for a tournament game and earlier that week he noticed that his 'check engine soon' light was on.  He dropped it off to have it looked at and got a call that morning that it would be about $600 to repair...bummer, but it needed to be fixed.  Later that afternoon he got a call that there were more issues that needed to be repaired and the cost would be at least $2000.  If you have never seen the "Man Van" as we called it, it was a 2000 Chevy Venture that was rusted, lacked heat, the drivers side window didn't work and the gas gauge was broken.  It didn't leave the city limits and was not worth $2000 (especially when that didn't fix all of it's issues, there would still be no heat, window or working gas gauge!).  So began the decision of fixing or updating his vehicle....we chose to update it.  The kids (and Dan) had off of school the following week and so we enjoyed time at home, time to think through our vehicle purchase before actually purchasing a vehicle that week.  This is what it looks like.  He likes his new wheels and I'm thankful it will him warm in the winter!
 A little later that same week we took a trip to St. Cloud to see Dan's mom as well as my sister.  While at his moms Dan put on a new front door and we pulled the carpet up in his mom's bathroom (she was NOT a fan of the carpet...can you blame her!?!) and put in a new toilet.  Quite a productive couple of days!  I should have taken before and after pictures...bummer! 

After a couple days in St. Cloud we continued our journey to Austin MN where Dan's grandma lives.  It was her 89th birthday!  Seriously, doesn't she look great??  She's 89, looks and feels great and she's a lot of fun to talk to...she is full of history and memories.  When Seth saw her birthday cake he was really excited!  Dan asked him, "how many birthday's have you had Seth?" -- he said, "4" -- "did you know that great grandma has had 89 birthdays?" -- his response, "that's not fair she's had a lot more birthday's than me".  Yes she has and we were thankful we got to be there to celebrate!  He saw this picture when I uploaded it and said, "that's great grandma!  She's the nicest great grandma!"

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