Friday, March 9, 2012

I forgot a couple things...

In my last post I knew I would forget a few things...and it wouldn't surprise me if there are still more things I forgot, but here are a few more 'happenings'...

Last week we also went to get finger printed.  Why?  No, we were not thrown in the slammer!!  We have thought about and prayed about doing Foster Care for the past year or so....actually, for the past 8 years. We started the process before I found out I was pregnant with Alayna.  We decided at that time to put it on hold...then we were surprisingly pregnant with Seth...still on hold...Seth = not the easiest toddler we've ever had...still on ball is rolling.  They ask you to get finger printed first, then fill out paperwork and send it in and then we have a few other 'hoops' to go through before we are licensed.  

I'm not going to lie, part of me is overwhelmed with the opportunity to love kids who have no one else in their life to truly love and care for them...another part of me is scared of how it could/will change our family...but a bigger part of me knows that the Lord is asking us to 'step' and so we will continue 'stepping' until the path is made clear.  

Another random thing that happened was my purse was stolen.  That has never happened to me before...thankfully!!  I was in St. Cloud at Target, no cart, just my purse on my arm.  I'm still not sure what happened, I must have set it down for a moment (though I have NO memory of doing that, nor would I normally do that).  I didn't even realize it was missing though until I went up to the check out a few moments later and realized I didn't have it.  I was in the store for less than 15 minutes.  My heart was racing and I'm sure I was sweating a bit wondering what happened to my purse with all my ID and everything in it!  I felt in my coat pocket and was BEYOND thankful to realize I had my keys and my cell phone in my pocket.  I literally walked around Target thanking the Lord for his provision of the things in my purse that I really needed in that moment.  

I called the one other store I had been in and they didn't have my purse.  I wandered around the 3 areas of Target I walked through (looking to see if I could find it) while trying to call Target as well.  They put me on hold for a while...I was still sweating, pacing and thanking the Lord for my keys and cell phone.  They finally answered and I described my purse and they said "Yes, we have it up here".  When I went to get it, I asked where it was found and they said in the Sporting Goods area.  I was no where NEAR that area!  I looked through my purse, nothing was missing and since I had no cash with me there was no money to steal (sorry whoever you are, you tried to steal from the wrong person!)  What a HUGE relief!!  I was so thankful first for the Lord's provision of my keys and cell phone and then even more surprisingly that I got my purse and everything in it back.  HUGE blessing!

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