Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Letter "V"

1 Corinthians 15:57b says:

"Victory is ours through Jesus."

Josiah has been asking mom to run a mile for a few days. Well, we decided to run it tonight with a twist. After Josiah, Alayna, and mom took off and got a head start, Daddy and Seth got on the bike with a trailer. Daddy and Seth caught up to the runners at the half way point. Alayna was exhausted and asked to get into the trailer. Josiah was getting worn out and his side hurt, but he didn't ask for help. The bike crew followed Josiah and Mommy on the way back to the house. Josiah kept stopping and talking about how tired he was and how his side hurt. Everytime the bike got close though he would sprint again in order to stay in front of them but right at the end the bike and trailer passed them and had the victory. This made Josiah quite angry, which is what Mom and Dad wanted to happen so it would be more memorable.

So, where's the spiritual lesson in making your kid mad? Only the one's in the trailer won. Alayna was only in the trailer because she asked. Josiah was frustrated at the end because all his effort and struggle ended in failure. Jesus is THE way to heaven and to God. All we have to do is ask Him. People (friends, family, others) who rely on their own efforts will be VERY angry at the end of the race because they did not get into the trailer of life pulled by Jesus.

Are you in?

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Joyful Living said...

I'm in!!! What a neat way to teach the little peewinders about Jesus! Maybe we can have a Holder vs. Erhardt mile for Jesus sometime :) I'm sure B and J would have quite the competition!