Thursday, June 4, 2009


Why are toilets so fun??? I understand if you're a dog or a cat and it's like another drinking bowl, but when you're a's just GROSS! My rascally 18 month old went through a phase a few months ago when he was really into toilets, but I just learned to shut the door and for the most part...problem solved. Now, a few months later....a few inches taller...and stronger...yep, he can open doors...lovely!! 3 out of 4 members of our family that know how to use the toilet use it well and flush every time and never forget...then there is one member of the family that uses the bathroom that sometimes still forgets (I'm not naming any names, but she's a pretty 4 year old) Are you ready for this 'gross post'??? Yesterday while I was getting ready for the day, my pretty 4 year old went to the bathroom in 'kid' bathroom....after doing so, she was going to go get dressed....(enter 18 month old)....all of a sudden I hear...."Gross!!! MOM!!!". I went to the bathroom and yep, my 18 month was playing in an 'unflushed' toilet...DISGUSTING!!

I was joking with a girlfriend of mine on one of Seth's rascally days...."Keep your eyes out on ebay...there may just be an 18 month old up for auction soon!!" :)

If you're wondering where my weekly Family Time post is....keep's coming!

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Shannon Joy said...

Hey Michelle! Don't feel too bad about the toilet incident. A few weeks ago, the day after we caught Leighton drinking out of Maverick's water dish, I found him dipping a washcloth from the tub into the toilet and sucking on it. Luckily it wasn't a used toilet but that is still pretty disgusting!! Haaaaa. He lived through it so that is a plus!