Thursday, June 25, 2009


Our kids are desperate to have a pet....well, it's not happening anytime soon (seriously, we have Seth!) however, we live in a 2-story home and so we have deep window wells that sometimes attract critters (mainly frogs and voles). One other time we got a large bunny in there and helped free him, but now, we have a baby bunny in our window well (I'm sure that was quite a fall!). Anyway, Alayna has named the bunny Zoe, has given her water and feeds her's a great cage though, it's kind of like the zoo, it's large, open and has a window for us to see her better.

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Heather said...

best kind of pet...I'm with you on that one. : )
Like your new blog look AND the family pics. How awesome to barter talents and trades. You both displayed your talents well BTW.
No worries about blogging lapses - not when it's nice outside and there is summer fun to be had AND vacations to prepare for - woohoo for you!! : )