Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Letter "Z"

We completed the alphabet!!!!

"Zeal for your house will consume me." John 2:17

Tonight we started with the kids drawing pictures of their whole bodies. Then we went out to our fire pit. Next to the fire pit we discussed the verse. Zeal means passion. Dad asked the kids what they are passionate about. Josiah is passionate about friends, bikes, and scooters. Alayna is passionate about friends and loud music(who would have thought that at 4 she already likes her music LOUD, thankfully right now it's bible songs). Dad then restated the verse by saying "toys" instead of "your house." Josiah noticed that daddy made a mistake. Daddy asked what "your house" means in the verse. Josiah said the church. Alayna said heaven. Daddy explained that the passion of our lives should always be about God and His church and His family. We are to be consumed for these things. Daddy asked the kids to put the pictures into the fire. Alayna did not want to put hers in the fire pit. She wanted to keep her life. Just like all of us do. Daddy said, "Jesus says that if we want to have a great life we must be willing to lose our life. The more we hold on tight, the less we get what God wants for us." Finally, Alayna put her person into the fire pit. Once all the people were in, daddy started them on fire. They were slowly consumed. Mommy and Daddy explained that we desire that our children will let their lives be consumed for the purposes of God. Once the papers were burned, they were useless for any other purpose. Our lives should be so consumed for God's house that we are useless for any other purpose.

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Joyful Living said...

I love these!!! Now what is your plan?