Thursday, September 3, 2009


Ok...I'm not sure why, but Alayna has been very consistently referring to the bible all the time now as 'the scriptures'. She RARELY uses the word 'bible'. It's pretty adorable if you ask me...but maybe I'm a little bias! :)

Last weekend Dan and the kids (I was out of town) went to a family fun day put on by a local church and they gave each kid a Gideon Bible. Alayna has become very attached to her 'big kid' bible and I've even found her 'reading' it a few times (she doesn't know how to read yet.) Anyway, because I don't journal I wanted to write this down. As I was putting away clothes today she came up to me and said, "Mom, can you read to me from 'the scriptures'?" can any mom say no to that! So, I stopped and she found the 'right page' and I read to her from 'the scriptures'. I pray that her desire to know and read God's word continues and grows all throughout her life. I love you Miss. Alayna!

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