Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Ten Commandments

Tonight's family time should've been done last week. We decided to discuss a little more about the purpose behind the ten commandments. Why does God give us the commandments? The real answer is because He loves us. Michelle asked the kids why we don't let them run into the street. Alayna said, "So we don't die." That's right. Then I asked, "Why don't we want you to die?" They both replied, "because you love us." Exactly...we love them and want to keep them safe and want what's best for them...same as our Heavenly Father. After some more discussion we began our activity.

We laid out some 2x4's in a zig zag formation. The first thing they had to do was walk across them like a balance beam. If they did they got a prize. After they crossed we asked, "what did you have to do to succeed?" Eventually we got them to recognize that they had to concentrate on the path. We need to do the same thing to follow the will of God. If we are lazy about it we will stray and fall away. Next we asked Josiah to hop on one foot across the boards. He was allowed to make three mistakes. He made it and used all three. Then we asked, "what did you have to do each time you made a mistake?" "Get back on and try again," Josiah said. Dad played the other side by saying, "What about stopping and crying, giving up, or just forgetting about God and going wherever you want?" To each of these the kids enthusiastically said, "NO!" Alayna now was asked to walk backwards across the boards. With her back turned we changed the course. She really had to slow down and feel out the path with her feet. We asked, "Do we always know for sure what God wants us to do?" They answered no. What did Alayna have to do when she got to the turns in the path? How can we feel our way? By remembering God's commandments and reading His Word. Josiah wanted to try it backwards. I told him not to peek. He peeked. I was very disappointed. Mommy had a great idea though. She recommended that he ask for forgiveness and as stated earlier get back on the path and do it God's way. He did and he did it God's way. The result was an even greater joy.

God disciplines those He loves. He loves you. Accept His discipline and it will lead to greater joy for you! Maybe not in the moment but in the end he works all things together for the good of those who love God and have been called according to His purpose.(Rom 8:28) His purpose is in the next verse. Your marriage, kids, job, sickness, singleness, wealth, poverty, health, talent, education, everything has the same purpose. Romans 8:29 says it plain as day. To conform you to the image of His Son, Jesus. He loves you too much to let you be like anyone else. Accept His discipline! Follow the Ten Commandments.

Here is a video of the kids rehearsing the ten commandments:

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