Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Our Cuddle Bug

I was gone on Sunday night visiting a friend and her newborn baby girls (FUN!). Anyway, I got back after the kids were in bed and as usual, I like to peek at them before I get ready for bed. I went in to peek at Alayna and all looked fine...then I went to peek at the boys and I saw Josiah and I looked for Seth...not in his bed, not in Josiah's bed, not around the beds anywhere...WHERE DID HE GO? Well, it turns out he wanted to see what it would be like to sleep in his sisters bed! I didn't notice him when I just peeked in from the door, but upon further inspection, this is what I saw.....

Too precious...he crawled into bed with her after she was already asleep...it didn't last more then a few hours though b/c once he moved around and tried to resume sleeping using her head as a pillow he needed to find his own bed back, she didn't want to deal with him. :)

1 comment:

Shannon Joy said...

how adorable is that! i can't wait to see little chase crawl into bed with his big brother! ;)