Monday, October 12, 2009

Commandment 3

Obviously we're a bit behind in posting what our Family Time consisted of this week. We are still talking about the 10 Commandments. It's been fun to see the kids really enjoy memorizing them and reciting them at random moments throughout the day. Their excitement for the commandments is a great picture of how I think God would like us to see them. Not as a 'shame on you, point my finger in condemnation', but as a 'loving, safety net, showing us that He cares for us'. They each have them completely memorized and can recite them forwards, backwards and put in random order.

This week we talked about Commandment number 3: Don't say God in a bad way.

Obviously our kids haven't been around this too much b/c when we asked for examples on how people might do this...their only example was someone saying, "I really don't like God"...they had other examples, but this was the general idea for each of their examples. We went around the circle of people and thought of words associated with that person. Alayna was pretty, funny, smiley, happy, and fun. Josiah was strong, funny, a good brother, and good at math. We did this for mom and dad too but you get the idea. Then we asked the kids how they would feel if their name was used every time someone thought angry thoughts or whenever a person thought something was really dumb. Both Josiah and Alayna were bothered by the idea that their names would be used in this way. These negative associations would not be true to who they really are. It is the same with God. We should only use His name when we are speaking the truth about who He is. It's not just about following a rule it's about loving Him...God Almighty.

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