Monday, October 19, 2009

Scary Moment!

Who me??? I'm innocent!!!

Last week Seth gave his dad and I a BIG scare!

I was upstairs getting ready for the day and Dan was downstairs getting his stuff together for the day. I knew Seth was downstairs and so I assumed Dan was watching him....Dan thought he had gone upstairs and figured I knew what our little rascal was up to....when it was time for Dan to leave he was calling for all of us to come say good-bye together as a family and as he was calling for Seth I told him he was downstairs with him. Dan thought he was upstairs and needless to say we went on a search for Seth.

Dan went to see if Seth was playing in the garage (a fun thing for him) the garage door was opened. We learned that he can climb up on the trash can and open the garage door. Needless to say...he escaped out of our house, out of the garage and he ran into our backyard where it meets up with our neighbors who have a fence and a dog named Hunter that the kids like to play with. Dan spotted his pajama foot prints in the frosted grass and then saw Seth talking to Hunter through the fence. After that little heart stopping episode our house is now like Fort Knox on the inside. Kid proof door knob covers and the sliding door has board at the top so that Seth can't move that either. One more story to add to the collection of Seth moments!


Yesterday the kids were all playing in the basement together. We heard a cry...not a whine...a cry of pain. We aren't sure what happened...Alayna and Josiah were playing not totally paying attention to Seth, but what we can piece together is that he decided to climb from the bed onto the window ledge and somehow he fell and bumped his chin on the ledge and scraped his chin and bit his tongue. The poor guy has a big bruise and a cut on his chin as well as a bump on his tongue...and yep, we have his 2 year pictures tonight!! Perfect timing buddy!


Joyful Living said...
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Joyful Living said...

Awwww the first story totally reminds me of an "Everybody Loves Raymond" episode where the same thing happened with the parents-one thinking the other was watching the kids and they both left for the store only to discover eachother in the store later.... ha!

Where are you guys meeting Krysta tonight?