Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Great Week!

**a Family Time post will be coming soon...we talked about remembering the Sabbath**
There are always weeks that you have more things to look forward to then others....some weeks you can't wait to have them over and others you see on the calendar and you look forward to them...this is a week I've been looking forward to....
- Seth's 2 year pictures
- Going out to eat with girlfriends to celebrate a birthday
- Chatting on Skype with dear friends (that wasn't on the was just an extra bonus!!!)
- Going with Alayna's preschool to the pumpkin patch
- A much needed hair cut appt.
- A lunch meeting for more possible work
and of course...the icing on the cake....
- My mom is taking the kids for a few days (it's NDEA) and so I get to spend quality time with a quality husband...I can't wait! Thanks MOM!!!


Angel Larsen said...

Enjoy your time with your husband! I feel so blessed to have a mom who also takes my kids!

Heather said...

Sounds like a very fun week - glad we could add to the fun. : ) Hopefully it will be accident and runaway-free as well - that Seth is one bundle of adventure! Have a GREAT time just the 2 of you - how special!