Thursday, January 7, 2010

Age 1: Formed

Tonight we began our next family time topic...Creation Science. While we were at the Creation Museum we found a great book about Creation that contained an overview of God's creation story. It is called Dinosaurs for Kids.

This book communicates a lot of information about dinosaurs and a seven age history of the earth.

Here are the seven ages:
Age 1: Formed

Age 2: Fearless
Age 3: Fallen
Age 4: Flood
Age 5: Faded
Age 6: Found
7: Fiction

Similar to the ten commandments we taught the kids actions to memorize the seven ages. Then we started looking at Age 1: Formed. We read from the book about how God created the earth and all the living things including dinosaurs and man. We discussed some of the differences between the time span taught by evolution and the time span recorded in the Bible. Then we watched part of a video series called Creatures that Defy Evolution together.

One quick example from the video is the European Green Woodpecker. If you ever questioned whether or not God was real, or wondered about Creation vs. Evolution...this is pretty fascinating stuff. Why isn't in text books? Because Scientists can't explain how the animals like the ones in this video series could have evolved...only God can because HE made them.

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