Friday, January 15, 2010

My Tomboy

I love my daughter dearly and in many ways she is like her mother...poor thing! I wasn't very girlie until high school...yep, nike pants, Michael Jordan t-shirts, tennis shoes and anything else non-girlie were my outfits of choice.

Now, my daughter is MUCH better then me in that department. She likes pretty things, she likes sparkly things and she likes dresses...sometimes. However, when it comes to playing, she KNOWS how to play 'boy games' and is still trying to figure out how to be 'girlie'. Even when she has girls over to play you can find her with a cape on playing with light sabers while they are dressed in her pretty dresses...maybe someday. :)

Anyway, tonight her cousin is here playing and this is something they LOVE playing anytime they are here together. Building boats for a LONG time and then filling the bathtub and floating them in the tub and playing pirates, ships, whatever else you play with boats. Maybe someday she will become more girlie, but with 2 brothers...I won't hold my breath waiting.