Sunday, January 24, 2010

Age 3: Fallen

Well, I'm a little slow at writing this, but last Tues. we went through our 3rd lesson in the new Family Time series we came up with. This past week we talked about the saddest day in history...many people think of a variety of things when I say that, but in reality, the saddest day in history (b/c the bible is history even though many don't see it that way) was the day sin entered the world.

Here's an excerpt from our book that we're reading (the pictures are great and the kids LOVE listening to us read it to them): "When God made Adam, God didn't make him like a puppet that God forced to do whatever He wanted him to do. He gave Adam the ability to make choices. When He created the first man and woman, God wanted them to love Him because they chose to-not because they were forced to love Him. So God gave them a test to see if they really would love Him and obey Him."

Now, enter the tree of knowledge of good and we know, they chose to eat of the tree even after God told them they could eat of ANY tree in the garden EXCEPT that one.

This is the saddest day because Adam chose to rebel against God-he sinned. Because of sin, now we die as God warned would happen and we are all sinners. "The good news is that for all humans who repent and put their faith and trust in Jesus as the One who died for them and paid for their sin, and receive Him into their life-they will live forever with Him."

After reading, we popped some popcorn and got ready for more of our video series. Have I mentioned that Dan and I have really enjoyed Family Time...yes, it's a GREAT teaching time for our kids, but it's a lot of fun for us too!

One of the animals from this week was the bombardier beetle.

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