Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Flashback Friday - Be Careful Little Eyes

Josiah is like a sponge. His mind is always working on something. He's been like this for a long time. This is also a warning about what kids watch on TV...and a funny story narrated by my hubby.

One day when I was cooking in the kitchen I threw away an empty can. This is when I got some shocking words from my then 3-year-old Josiah. He said, "Dad, why did you throw away that can of possibilities?"
On another occasion, he came running up the stairs to find me like it was an emergency. He was noticeably sad. I asked what was wrong. He could hardly speak about it because he was so troubled. He finally said, "Dad, you HAVE to see this commercial." "What commercial?" "It's terrible, we have to send money." At that point I was having visions of starving children on TV. I was wrong. "Dad, the polar bears are dying, we need to save them."

Now, these incidents began a conversation about the way TV commercials aren't always entirely truthful. It was a tough topic for a three year old but now that he is 7 he gets it a bit better.

* Dan and I were reminiscing about funny kid stories the other night and I told him that he had to blog about the Josiah story for me because I didn't want to forget it. I'm not great at jotting things down in baby books (confessions of a non-scrapbooking mom) and my blog has kind of become that for me. I hope to print this out one day (if anyone has any good tips on how to do that just let me know) so each of the kids can have it.

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Tengesdal 4 said...

Michelle, Jon had our blog made into a book for me... it's awesome-and now I have one book for each year (a lifesaver from one non-scrapbooking mom to another!) :)
He used but I am sure that if you google "blog to book" you'll have lots of options :)