Friday, February 12, 2010

Money Well Spent!

A couple weeks ago I was at Target and found 2 GREAT deals! Each was $100 off the original price...yes, I LOVE that! One is a birthday gift that will be revealed in May for a certain soon to be 8 year old, but the first one was more of a family find.

When Josiah was a baby Dan and I would often talk about what we wanted our home to look like when he (and any other kids God would bless us with) got older. We always desired for our home to be where neighborhood kids would come to play. Over the last year or so, that has become a reality. In the summer they can be found scootering, playing baseball, tag, looking for small critters or many other things at our house. There are 2 boys that are here quite often and a few others that come once in a while. If you've been in our basement lately it's all set for younger kids, but not really geared for older kids...other then our basketball hoop that is mounted on the wall.

Anyway, I like to keep my eyes open for good deals and this was one of my good deals. It was originally priced at $129 and I was able to get it for about $30...HOORAY! It has already been used MANY times. He even has a friend that has been getting off the bus with him and coming over right away (thankfully his mom is ok with that) and they have a snack and then go to the basement and play a variety of the's great!

I went to Target to buy a couple necessities, but you just never know when you might find a great deal!


Heather said...

You have a great eye for deals Michelle - glad your find is being put to good use and one of your dreams is being fulfilled in the process - so cool! Have a fantabulous girl's weekend!!

brooke lynn said...

wah-ooo! i love a good deal and i love target! :)

Lindsay said...

Oh oh oh! I bet I know what the other one is! I would tell you my guess but I don't know if he reads your blog! :-) We saw those there, too but just couln't bite the bullet (which is dumb since they were all such an awesome deal!)Way to go girl! I hear 75% off deals at Target!