Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Last Day of Sick...we hope!

Well, sickness has now affected every person in our family. Josiah got sick Sunday afternoon and Dan got sick in the middle of the night on Sunday. Needless to say, we were all home as a family on Monday (Alayna still had a low fever too). Today, Josiah is home because he still had a low fever yesterday and you need to wait 24 hours after a fever to go to school.

Everyone is on the mend today though so I scheduled carpet cleaning for today! After a couple 'sick' accidents on the floor and a years worth of traffic, dirt, crumbs, etc. it was NEEDED. The carpets are now clean and I feel...ahhhhhhh...refreshing...my house just FEELS cleaner now. I recognize it will last for mere moments, but I will enjoy those moments!! :)

I have disinfected the bathrooms, the door knobs, the light switches, I have washed all the bedding, tons of towels, blankets, clothes, and rags...(my mom did a couple loads while she was here too and I am VERY thankful for that) I still have a few more things to clean, but after that I hope the 'sick' is OUT of this house!! I have a window open letting in fresh air and I'm hoping after today we are all back to normal again and maybe, just maybe the house will be a bit cleaner too.

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