Tuesday, February 23, 2010


How could this cute face....this boy that can make anyone smile....the cutie that makes friends with every checkout person....the boy that makes every older person feel special because he says, "Hi!"....this boy who is always willing to give hugs...this cuddly cutie...this child who says, 'tank you mommy' all the time...cause me so much stress?

Well, we still struggle with biting. Not all the time, but enough that it's upsetting. Last week he bit during nursery at our mom's group and this week he almost did. Now, I recognize (Dan reminds me all the time) that's it's better then last year...he was biting every day, but I want it to be over. We have tried about 110 different tactics over the course of the last year...right now, my goal is to give him huge amounts of praise every 5-10 minutes when he's playing nicely in the hopes that it will continue. Yes, I've tried this before, but he's older now and maybe, just maybe it will work this time....a mom can hope, right?!

Why am I blogging about this? Not because I enjoy letting everyone know that I'm not an amazing mom...not because I love letting people know about this struggle, but instead, it's because I trust that one day this will no longer be a struggle in my/our life...when that day comes, I want to recognize that we got through this issue so that whatever issues we're dealing with at the time...well, I can know and trust that God will get us through that issue as well.

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Shannon Joy said...

You are right Michelle. One day you will be looking back at this blog REMEMBERING when he bit. And hopefully someday we can both look back and remember how they USED to play with our hair incessantly! Haaaa.