Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sick, Sick, Sick...

What a weekend... My mom and step-dad came up to hang out with me since Dan was going to different activities Fri., Sat. afternoon and Sat. evening. Then on Friday first Seth got sick...then later that day Alayna got sick...UGH! The flu came for a visit and it was not welcome here AT ALL! Then after putting the kids to bed I was exhausted and went to bed early (thinking I'd be up regularly with the kids)...thankfully I wasn't up because of the kids, however I was up ever few hours because I was sick too. As a mom, you know that it's not ok for us to get sick...however, if I was ever to get sick, I'm thankful my mom was here to help out. I could actually rest and take care of myself. (THANKS MOM!!!) I was out all day Sat. and now this morning I'm still weak, but MUCH better then I was. The other 2 have bounced back as well and so my hope is we're on the mend!!!

The boys went out to play in the snow this morning while us girls laid can tell Mr. Seth is feeling MUCH better now!

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