Thursday, January 29, 2009

Family Time

Every Wednesday offers an opportunity for Satan to attack our family....some nights it feels like he wins, but regardless we persevere...

Last night we were on letter "G". The verse for the week is God is love. 1 John 4:16. We danced Holder style and had many laughs. Then we recited the verse as we usually do in a variety of ways.

My husband thought of the activity this week. We played a game called "What is it?" We had an old diaper box, he cut a hole in it the size of a fist. J and A each got a turn with 5 different items guessing what they were. They each were able to guess 4 out of 5 items. After they each finished their turns J was feeling stubborn about the fact that A guessed a 'chicken' flashlight instead of 'rooster' flashlight. A big thing in our house is to always be an encourager. Well, he wasn't being encouraging...he was being stubborn so he was sent to his room while we finished our Family Time. Hence my earlier comment about spiritual attacks on Family Time. Anyway, we persevered and talked to Alayna about God's love. We can't always 'see' His love, but we can 'feel' His love through things and people that surround us. Then we talked about ways that she feels loved. After we were done, J was welcomed back down to finish our time of making pictures for our book.

Our Family Time's are not perfect, but we feel they are important, so regardless of what happens each week....we will continue!

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