Friday, January 9, 2009

What are some of YOUR favorite products!?!?

I'm always trying to find ways to do daily things in a faster and better way...I decided to post some of my favorite products/items on my blog in the hopes that you would either benefit from the information AND that you would share some of YOUR favorite products with me. Some of these items are more expensive, I realize that, but they were items I received as gifts, found on sale, or I was told they were worth the money. That is why I'm sharing the info. with's not fun to buy a product and then later realize it was a waste of $$. I would LOVE to hear what you use that you think makes life/jobs easier!

In no particular order....

The Bissell Steam Mop
Kids = sticky icky floors! This is a quick and efficient way to clean my kitchen, entry and bathroom floors without feeling like I'm ALWAYS on my hands and knees cleaning. The steam gets rid of sticky spots and leaves the floor least for a few minutes!! :)

Spray Paint
I enjoy decorating on a of the easiest ways to make frames, lamps, fan blades, etc. match your current decor is with spray paint. I must not be TOTALLY crazy because they use is on design shows when they are on a budget too!

The Swivel Sweep
This ranks right up there as one of my favorite items ever! We have a cracker, crumb and cheerio village that likes to come and dwell on my kitchen floor...this is GREAT for picking up all the crumbs that are on my floor EVERY TIME one of my kids eats. Do you ever wonder if they are actually eating...if they is SOOO much food still on the floor sometimes?!?

KitchenAid Mixer
This is a wonderful addition to ANY kitchen...even if you're not much of a cook or a myself! I love that when I make cookies, I can throw the ingredients in and it will mix it easily for me. When I'm making potatoes, I'm not mashing forever, it just mashes them right up for me. I use this for many things that I cook or bake and it is very handy to have around!

Well I'm sure there are other items that I truly appreciate, but for now these are my top favorites. We can all use items that help make our lives a little more efficient...what are the items that you use that you can't imagine not having? I'd LOVE to get some more great ideas!

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