Thursday, April 23, 2009

Are These 2 Related??

Josiah in the window at our old house -- watching for when Daddy will come home

Seth watching out the window at our new house -- watching Josiah play outside

I oftentimes write about the rascally/crazy things that Seth does. He is quite the character, but as Dan and I were remembering, Josiah had plenty of those moments as well. Here is just an example of how they are similar creatures. I will say that Josiah was a little more tame in his rascallyness, but I think a big part of that was the fact that we only had 1 kid to keep an eye on. Now we have 3 kids and we're outnumbered! :)

**on a side note, I got my Antiquities pictures back yesterday of the kids....they are way too cute! I just love them! I'll have to find a way to put them on here so you can see.

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Shannon Joy said...

Even though they don't look a lot alike, I totally thought that could be Seth in the first pic! I hope you can get your pics up here cause I'm sure they are super fun and super cute!