Thursday, April 16, 2009

Funny Face

I just had to share this funny moment with you....the other day Josiah and I were running a couple errands together. As we were leaving one of the stores, he very seriously said..."Mom, I think you took the wrong kid". In my mind I was thinking he meant I took the wrong kid with me to run errands b/c it's not really his cup of tea some days, but then I asked him "Why?" and he said, "b/c the nose on this kid just isn't quite right". I was very confused...we were at a stop light so I turned around...and saw this....
I couldn't help but laugh!!! Because we were at a stop light and my camera was in my purse I told him I had to take a picture quick. What a goof! His goofiness is different than Seth's because if you know Josiah's personality...he had already thought through his joke and was just waiting for it to play out...Seth on the other hand just has a natural silliness about him and I have a feeling that will never change. Thankfully though...between the 2 boys and the silliness of their sister as well, we have many laughs in the Holder House!

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