Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Letter "O"

Tonight's verse was...

1 Peter 1:14 Obey God for you are his children.

We started our time outside in the warmth of the day. Michelle and I made five messages for Josiah to read out loud. Each message by itself did not make much sense but as J & A obeyed each message it made more sense and became more fun. As you read and look at the pictures you might get the idea.

#1 Climb down a ladder. (it took a bit to figure out to use the window well)

#2 Pick up a rock.

#3 Climb with the rock.

#4 Ride your bike to a bridge.

#5 Put the rock under the water.

Often times the commands God gives us don't make sense initially. Only after we obey for awhile do we see the purpose of each individual command. The rich man encountered Jesus and gave up on the first command to give up everything he owned. He walked away from Jesus and missed out on the joy of obedience. J & A were warned at the beginning of the activity that they would not get the rest of the messages if they did not obey each one.

The final lesson we included was that obedience has a reward at the end. God promises that He will say, "Well done, good and faithful servant" to those who trust and obey Him. After explaining this we gave the kids another opportunity to recite our verse and then we enjoyed fruit snacks as a reward.

Of course they had to give back to mom and dad a portion of what we gave them. ;)Because he's cute and enjoyed Family Time with is Seth. Happy as ever just to be outside!

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brooke lynn said...

good idea! i love that. my kids always seem to question when we ask them to do something. keep up the great work! :) brooke