Monday, August 24, 2009

Born To Be Wild!

His first motorcycle ride and he LOVED it!! After his first ride in the sidecar he kept going to the other motocycles and saying "Pwease, Pwease!" and so....he got another sidecar ride. Not exactly what he wanted, but he has to wait until he's 2 to ride with his uncle behind the other cycle. If it's nice in October (when he turns 2) I'm sure he will be ready to ride again!
If you remember back to a post in the winter he relaxed like this while riding snowmobile too
....he's not afraid of adventure!

Getting ready for my first ride on a motorcycle with my cousin and uncle

After the first round of fun he wanted to go again and this time....
his aunt was nice enough to give him another ride!


Tengesdal 4 said...

Watch out!! Next time he'll want to be the driver! :)

Shannon Joy said...

I love how he says "pwease"! So precious!