Monday, August 31, 2009

Substitute Mommy

So...Seth usually demands that Mommy lays with him at night. Tonight we tried something different. Josiah offered to lay with Seth. Since we had gotten them to bed a few minutes early I figured, "why not try it." After about 5 minutes, I left the room with a couple boys resting nicely in bed. 15 minutes later I went back to check on them. Seth was sound asleep and Josiah was sitting up in his bed glowing with pride. I whispered in his ear that I was proud of him. Josiah then said, "Can I do that again tomorrow night?"


Angel Larsen said...

I wish that would work at my house! Grace and Lydia want nothing to do with laying with Adie.

Heather said...

Oh how sweet! Soon they'll be sleeping together like Isaac and Gav. : ) What a great big brother that Josiah is.