Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Letter "W"

Our Family Time verse tonight was...

"We love because God first loved us." 1 John 4:19

In case you did not follow this blog last school year and aren't familiar with the family time structure we do, I'll explain briefly.

1. Dance to family Time song.
2. Memorize and recite Bible verse.
3. Learning activity.
4. Discuss/Debrief
5. Pray
6. Dance
7. Each kid creates a picture of what they learned.

We chose a new family time song for this year. Lecrae's "Don't Waste Your Life." Check it out.

Right before family time, the kids gathered 20 rocks in a bag and Dad gathered about 100 rocks also. After dancing and verse memorization, I asked the kids to identify something that God has done to show that He loves us. As they said something that God has done, they placed a rock in the center of the floor. They were quite creative and surprised us with their depth of thinking. The pile grew to about 35-40 rocks. Then the kids were asked to make a second pile for the things we have done to show God that we love Him. Creativity ran out quickly. So, there it was. God had about 40 rocks. The kids had 7. Dad then asked what the kids thought about the two piles. They responded by saying that God loves us more than we love Him. When asked, "Should God let you into heaven because you love Him so much?" They said, "no!" Then why would He let you into heaven? The kids finally responded, because He loves you anyway.

You can rejoice today because He loves you anyway. You'll never earn it. Stop trying. Love, because He first loved you.


Tengesdal 4 said...

These are so neat!! I love hearing how you are planting the seeds of faith in your kids! It's a huge investment of time & creativity- but you are so consistent and your family is so blessed!

Heather said...

Your consistency is awesome! Our kids - Gavin most especially - LOVES that song! Actually I think Isaac is tiring of it because of how often and LOUDLY Gavin asks me to play it. Hurray for a new year and new steps of faith for the Holders! Love you guys!