Friday, August 28, 2009

Men of faith rise up...Men of sports, please change

From Dan:

This sermon and video are very challenging to me. I know many of the people that follow this blog are women. Could you invite your husband to listen to/view this with you? This is a challenge that is not being talked about much today.
I would be very interested to hear any reactions/comments you have about this sermon and/or this video.

Click here for the 53 min sermon.

Click here if you only have about 4 mins.

To the husband: If you can't find 57 mins to hear these messages but you have no problem taking 3-4 hours for a football game or a golf outing, what does that say?

To the wife: If your husband is a godly husband and you don't doubt the affections of his heart for Christ, you, your kids, and the Church, praise God because he is a man that you can willingly support. He does not need to hear these messages. He's already living it. Thank him.

Thanks for your precious time,

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