Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dancing the night away

My step brother got married a couple weeks ago. When you bring kids to a wedding and have to be there early for pictures, plus sit through the wedding and reception...well, I was prepared for some meltdowns. However, the kids did great! Seth took a nap in the van and we were all able to sit through the wedding. Oh, did I mention my sister has 4 kids and my brother has 3 and we all sat by each other during the wedding and yet all 11 kids made it through without being too loud. Impressive! :) Anyway, by the time the dance came along we were thankful for the ability for the kids to move.

Seth and daddy dancing...ironically enough the boy who never runs out of moves at home wasn't sure if he wanted to be on the dance floor with so many other people. He only danced a few times. Go figure!

Dancing with Grandpa Hacker

A twirl around the dance floor with daddy

Time to dance with the groom!

Alayna, unlike her brothers never tired of dancing! I couldn't get Josiah on the dance floor even once, he was just too embarrassed to try...bummer!

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