Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Organization makes me happy!

I wouldn't say I'm always organized, but I enjoy organizing. I think it makes the day to day stuff go much smoother. There's one area however that I have NEVER been organized, (some of my dear friends who know me well are waiting to find out what area that might be) RECIPES!

I have had multiple books with a few things marked in each, loose pages that I've printed, a book that I got when we were married that ran out of room to add more recipes, recipe cards that people gave me, magazines...well, you get the picture. Recipes in all shapes and sizes and I never quite knew how to make them all work together so that I could have the recipes we like all combined together.

This past weekend I took the plunge to organize them and boy am I glad I did!! It's just a simple binder, black card stock, double sided tape and sheet protectors. Pretty basic stuff. Once I put it all together it looked like this and I LOVE knowing where all my favorite recipes are and I LOVE even more that when I find new ones that I like I can EASILY add them to this system. Hooray for organization!! :)


Heather said...

OK so when are you coming to my house to do that for me?? Actually it looks like a very organized yet simple plan...maybe one even I can tackle? I'm so proud of you for putting your organizational skills to use in a less-liked day to day activity. Hope it brings smoother, more pleasant meal prep moments for you!

Siobhan said...

I have an idea...photocopy and spiral bind it and hand out as christmas presents. Sign me up! I cookie recipe and that yummy punch...I'm sure there are others but my brain is shot! ;)

Sheila said...

Michelle, it's beautiful! I've started one just for full sheet recipes (printed one, etc), but never thought of adding the smaller cards, too.

Great inspiration!