Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Multiple Adventures!

Last week there was no school on Thursday and Friday...Dan and Josiah had a hunting trip scheduled with Dan's dad, his brother and his nephew. Josiah had been thoroughly excited and anticipating this hunting trip for quite some time! They had a blast and Josiah's favorite parts were shooting his new BB gun, riding 4-wheeler, swimming at the hotel and playing DS in the truck (he doesn't have one and loved that he got to borrow one)....and let's be honest, he was having guy time with some of his favorite guys, what's more fun than that!?!? Here's a pic of the crew and some of their loot. Now if only I could find some good pheasant recipes......

While those 2 boys were off hunting....Seth, Alayna and I were left wondering what to do.... I opted to NOT just stay home, we went on our own adventures! :) We headed to St. Cloud for "2 sleeps" and visited friends and family. During our 2 day trek I visited a long ago friend who used to live in Fargo, a college friend, my sister, another dear friend who used to live in Fargo (was it something I did...they moved away!!) :), my sister in law...and of course since we stayed at my in-laws we had good chats and fun play times there as well. It made the time without Dan and Josiah go by much more quickly and even fun!! Thanks dear friends and family for making time to hang out!

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