Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Blizzard 2009

My husband has been a teacher at West Fargo High School for over 7 years now...we have had more snow days this year alone than all the other years combined. It's been a crazy, memorable winter! Here are some pictures of what the blizzard looked like at our house...enjoy!

Our front door yesterday during the blizzard
Where's Josiah? Nearly blocked because the snow drift is getting higher, and higher and higher...
Our mailboxes were was worse, but Dan had just started clearing them out...what craziness!

The front of our house...yep, there's a lot of snow! Thankfully we have great neighbors that once again brought their big snow blower over to our house and told us to we could use it.


Heather said...

Unbelievable...we lived in Fargo for 8 years and saw a lot of snow but still we managed to avoid a big blizzard like that! We left in the nick of time. : ) Glad for helpful neighbors! Seriously you should ask Terry to get into his storage unit and get our snowblower!

Bonnie said...

HOLY COW!!! That is a lot of snow...most of ours turned into freezing rain. Fun to see the pics!