Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Perfect Club

Last night was Wednesday which equals Family Time in this house. Our verse for this week was

"Now is the time to come to Jesus" 2 Corinthians 6:2

After dancing and verse memorization, we shared the gospel with J and A and talked to them about it. They have both already made a decision to receive Christ, but last night we wanted to focus on the importance of telling others because "NOW is the time to come to Jesus". We talked about how they could share the gospel with their friends and other people that they know. We used the analogy of The Perfect Club. We talked about whether or not we would be allowed into God's Perfect Club - Heaven (only those who are perfect may enter). The answer..."No". We are not perfect. Then we talked about how God made a way for us to be invited into the Perfect Club and that was by asking Jesus to be perfect for us. J shared about friends at school that he could share the gospel with and we talked about how he can pray that God would give him the right moment and the right words to share with those friends. The kids asked lots of questions and they always enjoy talking about people that are already in Heaven to greet them someday. We didn't have an activity this week because family time was condensed down to a 1/2 hour due to homework and the fact that we needed to practice for the play that J is in next weekend. It was a shorter Family Time, but the gospel is always powerful and we want to make sure the kids understand it well enough to share it with others. Will you be allowed into the Perfect Club?

After bath time, A and S listened to mommy and J practice the songs for the play. Precious!

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