Thursday, March 26, 2009

Can You See A Difference??

Here are pictures from today...they raised the crest level AGAIN...started at 39, then 40, 41 and now it is up to 42+. If you look at my previous post you can see the difference...

A silver lining in all of this...
1. I pray that this will draw many people into a relationship with Christ.
2. Everyone emptied their basement...this flood is a forced spring cleaning.
3. I'd take a flood over a tornado, hurricane or earthquake any could be worse.
4. People are still in good spirits, hopeful and helpful even after hours in the cold sandbagging.

God promised He would not cover the whole earth in a flood ever again...I think we should have asked Him about ND! :)


Heather said...

Good point about clarifying with God. : ) We continue to pray for all of Fargo and specifically the kids prayed tonight thinking of their friends and Gavin prayed that Seth wouldn't sink in the flood. I had to laugh at the path his mind took and what he was worried about. So watch out for Baby Seth for Gavin ok? We love you guys and will keep praying! Great attitude - it's just stuff in the end. : )

Joyful Living said...

Amen! May God be glorified through this!