Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Letter "L"

This week for the letter "L," we took Ephesians 4:29 from the LHT version of the Bible. That is the Loose Holder's Translation.

"Let no bad words come out of your mouths but only what is helpful for others."

After our dancing and verse memorization, we got out the mega blocks. We went around the circle saying nice things to each other trying to make the other towers taller. So, when Josiah said something nice to Alayna, then Alayna got a block on her tower and so on. We went around the circle a couple times so that each person had about 6 blocks in their tower. Then we told the kids we were going to play some basketball on the hoop in the basement. As we played, we listened carefully to what the kids said. When Josiah said to Alayna, "That shot is sooooo simple," he lost a block because he was not being helpful to her. He did not like that. When Alayna said, "Daddy's losing!" She lost a block and did not like that. After a few minutes of gaining a block for each "good job!" and losing a block for bad words, they began searching for chances to say "Good Job!" It didn't take long for encouraging words to fly around the room. After this went on for awhile we all huddled together and talked about how much better it was to say and hear good words. To end our time, Josiah prayed.

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