Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Biting Bandit!

Seth is probably our funniest baby...he makes us laugh ALL the time! However, most of you who read my blog know that for the last couple months we have been dealing with him being a biter. He doesn't usually bite when he's angry, he bites when we're playing around and he gets REALLY excited or after he gives a hug, it's his version of a kiss. J and A never had this issue and if they did, it was a couple bites to Dan and I only...we told them "NO!" and it was never an issue again.

At home it has not been a huge issue...I trust that as we keep telling him "NO!"
and "to be gentle" he will grow out of it, plus we know how to avoid having it happen to's when he's in the nursery that I struggle.

Here is the list of things we had tried up until Monday of this week:
1. tell him "NO biting!"
2. putting him on the step after telling him "NO biting!"
3. flicking his cheek
3. pinching his cheek
4. if we're holding him...we put him down and tell him "NO biting!"
5. after we tell him "NO biting!" we also tell him to "be gentle" and I've taught him to slide his hand down our face gently or to rub hair gently to show him how to be gentle.

When he's in the nursery at MOPS, the workers there are amazing. Not only do they TRULY care about him, they totally understand that it's a phase and they help by also telling him "No!" and "to be gentle." It's Sunday mornings that I struggle. It's different parents each week and I'm sure many think we are HORRIBLE parents because Seth bites...I try not to focus on what other mom/parents think, but as moms...we do... Anyway, after sending out an email asking for advice from mom friends....I received a lot of encouragement agreeing that he would grow out of it and other tips to use to try to stop this habit. I have come to terms that he is only allowed to kisses for him. Hopefully as he gets older and we've moved past this, he can learn how to give nice kisses. For now my adorable, biting, pal will get vinegar in his mouth when he bites. It seems to be's not nipped in the bud yet, but I have seen improvement.

Thank you to my wonderful mom, mother in law and great mom friends for the encouragement and are GREAT!

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angie said...

Yikes! Sounds like you are racking your brain trying to find something to work. I know Jeremy said that Seth was really busy biting in nursery this past Sunday morning....poor little guy....we know he means well :) It just makes you wonder whats going on in his head at the time....hopefully your vinegar tactic will work!