Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Organizing For A Good Cause

In January I scheduled a time for our MOPS Leadership Team to go to the YWCA and help organize their donation room (it was a need that was mentioned when I called). I was warned before hand that it was in DIRE need of help and when we got there...her words were was bad. For those of you who know what this means...think Bethel Rummage Sale...times 3!! We spent a few hours organizing that night and when we left the room looked MUCH better than when we got there, but there was still A LOT more work to do. I talked to one of the groups I'm in for MOPS to see if they'd be interested in going back there with me to organize again and they were very excited about going! Well, since this was my 2nd time going...I felt a little more prepared because I was able to visualize different ways to arrange and organize the still needs more work and I hope to go back again soon, but here are some pictures from our fun times last night!
Yes, organizing to me is FUN!!!!

Our group minus 3 who needed to leave or weren't able to make it last night

Mary (our mentor mom) and Trista

Below are pictures of what the room looks like after...I wish I had before pictures...oh, well!


Anonymous said...

That looks way better than when we left it!!! Great job ladies!


Heather said...

way to use your God-given talents Michelle and calling in the troops to help...I imagine Mary had just as much fun as you organizing. : ) And no you are not that strange for truly enjoying organization (maybe just a smidgen). : )