Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pink Eye...it isn't pretty!

This past weekend Pink Eye hit our home...I vaguely remember having pink eye once as a kid..J and A have never had it...my first child to receive pink eye is Seth. So sad!! He's a trooper though! He doesn't whine about having 'yucky eyes' as we call them, he only complains when we put the drops in his eyes. As you can see the pictures, it's not pretty. So far it has not spread to any of the other kids or to Dan and I...I pray it stays that way!! Beware, the pictures you are about to see are NOT pretty! His eyes are looking MUCH better today...thank goodness!


Shannon Joy said...

Poor little man! We will pray for his eyes to get better soon and for everyone else to stay healthy!

Christine said...

Oh my, we have had lots of pink eye go around pour home but never such a bad case. Poor little man. Hope he gets well soon!

Kelly said...

Poor little guy. Both my husband and I got pink eye earlier this year, but Andrew escaped getting it. It's not fun, that's for sure. Hopefully Seth gets better, soon.