Thursday, February 26, 2009

AsK, SeeK, and KnocK

Family Time this week focused on the letter K. The verse was:

Matthew 7:7. "Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find,
Knock and the door will be opened to you." (the last part was the actual verse)

After our dance and verse memorization we played a version of hot & cold. In this version, one person has a blind-fold on and needs to perform a simple task that is unknown to them at the beginning. (Kind of like God's plan for our life that we only have limited knowledge of right now.) As the blind-folded person slowly feels their way around they can "ask" yes or no questions. (Kind of like prayer, how God affirms or convicts us as we proceed in life.) Each person who was blind-folded eventually decided to ask about which direction he/she should proceed. Once movement in that direction had begun it was time to "seek" the task. Finally, the object was found that the person must use to perform the task. (Kind of like the door in the verse.) I find it interesting that after the door is open in the verse Jesus does not say, "the door will be opened and I will shove you through it." God always leaves an opportunity for our choice. In the game, the object found was all that the blind-folded person needed to understand the next step. Josiah found the rocking zebra and knew right away that he needed to climb on and rock. Michelle found the basketball and knew she needed to make a basket. Alayna found a hat and knew right away that she needed to put it on her head. I found the teeny teeter-totter and...well...thanks to my wife you can see what happened next. How many times have I "asked" which way to go, "sought" the place where God had a task for me, only to shy away from the obvious conclusion that required some initiative on my part? Too many. I pray that my children will, by God's grace, step in through the doors where I retreated in fear.