Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Funny Moment

This actually happened 2 weekends ago, but I came across the picture when I was organizing my pictures from my camera and remembered how funny it was in the moment. Two weekends ago we watched my brothers kids while they had a weekend away, so we had 6 kids plus Dan and I sitting around the table having lunch. We were all almost done when Seth decided he was done. He took his spoon and was going to put it on the table, but because he was farther back than normal he ended up throwing you can tell, it was a perfect throw and ended up right in our water pitcher!! It was hilarious...however, we couldn't laugh because throwing anything at the table is inappropriate...try getting 5 other kids not to laugh when you yourself are trying not to laugh!! It was a funny moment and we were able to maintain control and still tell Seth "no, no" to throwing things at the dinner table. We may have a basketball star in our midst though!!

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